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A common question from most beginners is whether Japan (日本) is written and pronounced as  にほんor にっぽん.  In actuality, it is both.  日本 can be pronounced にほん or にっぽん and it would be correct. However, the way it works is as so:

にほん is used in everyday conversation, to name the country, language and so on.

にっぽん is, typically, only used by the government and for legal documentation.  Banks and other money related places sometimes use this notation as well.

So, if you were trying to figure out which one to use or were wondering why it was pronounced differently sometimes, there’s your answer.  I don’t live in Japan, so I’m sure there’s other circumstances that would warrant either’s use, but from what I’ve gathered from other sites and texts, this is the basic useage of both words.


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